Import from Outlook contacts?

Posted by: Rackman

Import from Outlook contacts? - 10/14/07 12:32 AM

I'm in the market for a new db sofware app for Mac and am considering purchasing NUDC v5.

I currenly use Outlook 2007's Contacts for my client list (3000+ contacts) on a Dell/Windows XP machine. I'm planning to phase out the Dell and start all aspects of our business on Macs.


Is it possible to export my contacts from Outlook to NUDC and keep ALL form/contact information including catagories and custom made fields? As you can see, having over 3000 contacts will be very time consuming to have to go in by hand and re-do each contact.

Thanks for any advice.

Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Import from Outlook contacts? - 10/17/07 02:06 PM

To maintain your data properly, I would suggest exporting it from Outlook to a tab delimited text file, including headers. Now Contact will accept tab delimited text for import. Now Contact does have a limit of 64 fields, so I would suggest opening the file in Excel, or another spreadsheet program, and eliminating unused columns. Then re-save it as tab delimited text and import in Now Contact. With field headers included, you will be able to map where the incoming data goes in Now Contact.