Switch First with Last

Posted by: Andrew Hobson

Switch First with Last - 10/09/07 08:06 PM


I need to switch the First names with the Last names for a selection of contacts in NowContact 5.3.1.

Is there a easy way to do it?

I've made a mistake when entering the data...

Thanks for the help.

Andrew Hobson
Champagne, Switzerland
Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Switch First with Last - 10/11/07 08:09 PM

Mark and then display those contacts. Then export them to text and re-import, making sure to change how the names map back in. Otherwise it would be a matter of writing an AppleScript to do it, or a lot of cut and paste.

Check the export file in Excel or another spreadsheet program before importing. Make sure to save it in a tab delimited format.