Touchbase Pro 3.0 (mac) --> NUDC 5.3.1 (Mac) or other progra

Posted by: etubbs

Touchbase Pro 3.0 (mac) --> NUDC 5.3.1 (Mac) or other progra - 09/25/07 03:58 PM


I was asked to help out a friend in getting their Touchbase Pro 3.0 (I believe that is the right version from the File -> Get Info screen) on her LC III computer system.

I attempted to export a couple different files that she had, both in tab and comma delimited formats.

What I have found from the howto's and documentation on the support web site regarding Touchbase Pro, it mostly lists only version 4.x and possibly above?

Is there a way or several different ways to export this information to accomplish a successful import into NUDC or a similiar program?

I did not experience any export errors in Touchbase Pro when attempting to convert to tab or comma delimited. However, when attempting to import into Now Contact, the message complains about having more than 64 fields per record.

I have also attempted to import into Excel 2004, without any real success; it would only import the first two records in the file.

I would like to find a way to hopefully convert this information without my friend having to hire a transcriber to manually process about 2000 records in 5 five different files.

If I need to provide any more details, I would be more than happy to do so.


Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Touchbase Pro 3.0 (mac) --> NUDC 5.3.1 (Mac) or other progra - 09/26/07 07:43 PM

For import into Now Up-to-Date & Contact, having the exported data in a tab delimited text format should be optimal. Now Contact does have a limit of 64 fields, but I do not recall TouchBase having more than that. When you open the exported text file in Excel, how many fields does it include?