Posted by: androcles

reminders - 09/25/07 11:18 AM

Now up to Date has worked fine for years, but has now almost stopped doing reminders. Not completely but almost. I presume this is a corrupt prefs file, but I have removed the QuickDay and NUTD files, and this didn't help. Any other ideas?
Posted by: trmikie

Re: reminders - 09/25/07 12:11 PM

What do you mean you removed Quickday and NUDC file. Please explain
Posted by: androcles

Re: reminders - 09/25/07 01:14 PM

sorry, removed their preference files from the user preferences folder, as it looks like a problem of corrupted prefs.
Posted by: dnorcross

Re: reminders - 09/27/07 02:41 PM

Here is the prefs refresh for Now Up-to-Date:

1. Make sure you know where your primary calendar file is stored on your hard drive. You'll need to know where it is to set it as your primary file again at the end of this process.
2. Quit Now Up-to-Date (if it is running).
3. Open a new Finder window and select Home from the Go menu.
4. Once in your Home folder, go to: /Library/Preferences/
5. Find the files named com.nowsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and com.poweronsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and move them to the desktop.
6. Find the folder named Now Up-to-Date Prefs and move it to the desktop as well.
7. Launch Now Up-to-Date, open the File menu, select Open, make sure there is a checkmark next to the option "Make this my primary file," locate your Now Up-to-Date calendar file, highlight it and click Open.
8. Open the File menu, select Save As...Save the file as the same name and location as the original. Click Yes to replace the original. This step should be taken periodically to optimize the file.
9. Trash the items moved to the desktop in steps 5 and 6.