Import & Export Data - File Formats?

Posted by: hwcdesign

Import & Export Data - File Formats? - 09/20/07 06:25 PM

I have NUDC v 4.5.3 and am considering an upgrade. I wonder if any improvements have been made to data import/export functionality. For example, if I have data files in MS Excel Workbook format, can they be imported? Can data be saved out in Excel format? It seems absurd that a database can only save out data as a text file...
Posted by: John Wallace

Re: Import & Export Data - File Formats? - 09/21/07 05:26 PM

NUDC does not read/write data in proprietary Microsoft formats. Then again, Microsoft does not read/write NUDC files either. NC does, however, save files in vCard format to help with data interchange.

Looking to the next generation, NightHawk can exchange data through iCal and vCard as well as delimited text files.