Color for banners?

Posted by: oscarman

Color for banners? - 09/16/07 06:34 AM

Using Now Up-To-Date trial version 4.5.2 on windows XP.
I've created categories and a set with each category having its own color.
When I create an open rounded-end banner, only the banner outline and type are in the category color. I have seen calendars where the whole banner is colored. How can I make the whole banner be filled with the category color?
Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Color for banners? - 09/17/07 03:10 PM

The banner color is the same as the category color, but how it appears is controlled by the style of banner used. Go to Define > Calendar Layouts and try some of the other options under the 'Banners' menu.
Posted by: oscarman

Re: Color for banners? - 09/17/07 05:57 PM

I've tried all the different styles of banners in different sizes. None of the combinations fills in the banners with colors.
Posted by: oscarman

Re: Color for banners? - 09/17/07 06:27 PM

Just talked with tech support. Turns out that feature is not available in version 4 for windows - only in version 5 for mac. Will be available in Nighthawk when it comes out at the end of the year.