Issues with support/ap

Posted by: apluhar

Issues with support/ap - 09/15/07 01:14 PM

I have been waiting for response to a support request that I started over a month ago. Search on "icky feeling". I bought NOW (MAC OSX) to help me manage sales tracking/contact tracking. I use Address Book as well. For reasons I don't understand a few contacts that were in Address book are no longer there, others that are in Address book did not synch with NOW and I am left feeling insecure about using NOW entirely. I have a large contact database.. not being able to handle more than 1000 contacts seems to me to be a major failing of a contact dbase ap.

If someone would explain to me why a few contacts didn't synch, I'd be lots happier about using NOW.

Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Issues with support/ap - 09/17/07 03:06 PM

The only reason a contact should disappear from AddressBook during a sync with Now Contact is if they had previously been sync'd and subsequently the contact had been deleted from Now Contact. In that case it should be removed from AddressBook when the two are next sync'd.

While a sync would not share the notes, it should not be deleting them.


Large contact files (1000+) being synchronized to Address Book will not only take a long time to sync but will also make Address Book itself very slow. This is due to limitations in Address Book and not the Address Book Sync application or Now Contact. If you have a large contact file, it would be wise to select only specific categories to sync. If you try to sync more than 1000 contacts a warning dialog will appear.

Address Book has the ability for a virtually unlimited number of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing address, etc. The Address Book Sync application will only sync those items with corresponding fields in Now Contact and vise versa.

Work (E-mail) in the Mac OS X Address Book is mapped to the Email1 field in Now Contact by the Address Book Sync application. Home (Email) is mapped to Email2 in Now Contact.

Notes will not be synced.

Choosing a new contact file in the Address Book Sync application will leave some of the configuration options blank, thus forcing one to set their desired sync preferences again for the new file.

iChat stores itís Buddy List as records (vCards) in Address Book. These records may only contain the iChat or AIM ID with no other information. Because this is an unmapped field, when using the Address Book Sync application, it may create a blank record in Now Contact corresponding to that record in Address Book.

The first sync to any Now Contact file will be slower than subsequent syncs as it needs to parse through every field of data.

There are several actions in Now Contact and/or Address Book that can "modify" a record (i.e. change the modification date) besides actually making changes to the record fields. In Now Contact this includes, but is not limited to, changing the category, linking events in Now Up-to-Date to Contacts, syncing with something else (like a Palm OS device), etc. The same is true, in our findings, of Address Book, especially if you use iSync to sync with .Mac, an iPod or a Phone. Therefore, although nothing may have actually "changed" it changes the modification date one place or the other and as thus Address Book Sync reports it as "Modified" even though it did not actually "modify" anything either place.

Now Contact Category to Address Book Group support is not included in this version but may be reconsidered. Categories in Now Contact do not translate functionally into Address Book Groups. Address Book Groups are functionally equivalent to "Mail Groups" and used by the Mac OS X Mail application as such (i.e. type the Address Book Group name in the Address field in Mail and it will send to all of the recipients in that group). At this point, user feedback has indicated that this would be a hindrance to those users who use this feature of Address Book.

Address Book address entries with more than two lines of data result in the additional lines of data being appended to the second line of the address field in Now Contact with no spaces in between them.