Converting from 2.0 to 5

Posted by: photo56

Converting from 2.0 to 5 - 09/14/07 04:45 AM

I have just got a new Imac and I have just transfered the files from my old computer (Powerpc 7100 mac) running os 9.1 My new os is 10.4.10 and I need to get to all my appointments from the old file. But the new program does not open the file (it is gray in the menu). I also have the info in a text format, but still Crying or Very sad no luck. Need help.
Posted by: mrake

Re: Converting from 2.0 to 5 - 09/14/07 02:21 PM

Version 5 is not able to convert a file from version 2.0, you would need to convert it first to version 3 then 4 to work with version 5. If you have the data in a text format you should be able to import the data into a new file. Is this contact or calendar data? In Contact, create a new contact file, go to File > Import and select the text file. This should give you the Import wizard where you match the fields so the data imports into the correct fields. If it is a calendar data, you need to know the field order before you can import the text. If still having problems you can create a support ticket in the support section of the web site and attach the version 2 file and text file, and we can try to get the data converted.