Now UP to Date server stalls every few days

Posted by: johnkgibson

Now UP to Date server stalls every few days - 09/12/07 07:06 PM

The Server manager will say it is running, but users will have a hard time connecting, they start reading from the server and then get an Server Error 101.

Any ideas?

I am going to try to archive a bunch of data from the server to see if this will help.

Posted by: mrake

Re: Now UP to Date server stalls every few days - 09/14/07 02:24 PM

answered this in the support ticket (#3040) you sent. Here is the response from the ticket:

If you create a new calendar file, add the server connection, then subscribe to the server categories, is the new calendar able to read in all the server data without getting the 101 error? If a new file gets that error, that would indicate a problem with the server database. if a new file is able to access the data without the error, that would point to a problem with the client file. You can also try deleting the Now Up-to-date prefs folder on that system before creating the new calendar. We have seen problems with the prefs folder cause issues with the calendar file. If the new file gets the 101 error, on the server system you can go to HD/Applications/Utilities and launch the Activity Monitor. Make sure the Activity monitor window is set to show "all processes", look in the list for "eventserver". Select any of these server listings and click on the quit process icon to force quit that process until there are not any listings for "eventserver". Restart Now Server manager and see if the server does load and say running for the status. You should also go to HD/Applications/Utilities and run the Disk Utility program. In Disk Utility select the HD and under First Aid click to verify and repair permissions. Reboot they system after repairing permission, then see if it will load properly. Another option is to copy the backup server.db.bu file to your desktop (remove the .bu extension), stop and delete the server from the Now Server manager, then import the .db file into the Now Server Manager (File > Import event server). If still not working, run the Uninstall command in the Extras folder in the installer, reboot after the uninstall, then reinstall the program.