Can't download trial version!!!

Posted by: BruceWeaver

Can't download trial version!!! - 09/05/07 12:35 AM

HELP! We registered and received the emailed download info on this page:

The links to download for Windows are dead-ends. They do not work, neither FTP nor HTTP. We are a group trying to download it, review it and most likely purchase it. HELP!
Posted by: Sean_dup1

Re: Can't download trial version!!! - 09/05/07 02:36 AM

We made some changes to the download section of the web site this afternoon and although it worked during initial testing, it seems as if there is now a problem with the links being sent to those requesting new trial downloads. It does not seem to affect anyone who has a customer center log in, and we hope to have it fixed by morning. In the mean time, I've emailed you a direct link you can try.
Posted by: BruceWeaver

Re: Can't download trial version!!! - 09/05/07 03:19 AM

Thanks Sean, really appreciate the speedy fix attempt. The unzipped download you sent requires a serial number, which we don't have yet.

Any other ideas, or should I wait and try to link again in the am?

Posted by: dnorcross

Re: Can't download trial version!!! - 09/07/07 02:34 PM

You should be able to install in 'Demo' mode with the same file. The installer is the same whether it is for Trial/Demo or serialized use.