Print Month Calendar Questions

Posted by: CJC

Print Month Calendar Questions - 09/03/07 08:45 PM

I am trying to print a month calendar. I am having trouble making the header (month and year) print in large point letters (18) and in the color red, and the days of the week print larger.

I was able to do this in NUD 4.5.3 but cannot tremember how to do it in 5.3.1.

Can anyone help?

Posted by: mrake

Re: Print Month Calendar Questions - 09/07/07 02:51 PM

The header printing was changed with version 5.1 to a simpler design to use less toner/ink. There is not currently any way in the current version to modify the print header. You could still use version 4 for printing if you need that printing format. We should have more information about calendar printing in Nighthawk soon.
Posted by: CJC

Re: Print Month Calendar Questions - 09/09/07 06:49 PM

Thanks. I appreciate the information. I went back to 4.5.3.