Palm treo 750v sync

Posted by: harmen

Palm treo 750v sync - 09/03/07 01:13 PM

I would like to sync my palm treo 750v with NUTD.
Is it possible to sync trough Missing Sync from Markspace?
If i read the manual of NUTD it is possible to sync when making a sync with my mac using palm conduit.
But i would like to know if it can be done trough missing sync, because palm treo 750v uses windows mobile instead of Palm software.

Please help.
Posted by: mrake

Re: Palm treo 750v sync - 09/07/07 02:38 PM

We do not have conduits for syncing with Windows mobile. It is possible Missing Sync has something for access Now calendar and contact files, but you would need to check with them. The new version (Nighthawk) will have syncing through Apple sync services (iSync). We are looking into other sync options for handheld devices under Windows.