Now up to date and Win mobile

Posted by: roohound

Now up to date and Win mobile - 08/15/07 01:38 AM

has any one found a way to get Now Up to calender info on to windows mobile5 devices, pocketmac does not seem to work despite it'e beta claiming it does.
Posted by: palbert

Re: Now up to date and Win mobile - 08/15/07 02:32 PM

I have not yet found a quick and clean way to do this. At the moment I update my MotoQ about once a week by doing the following:

1) Setup a separate set of what items you want to place on your device (I call mine Phone Sync).
2) Export the file while viewing that set.
3) Open the file in Excel and save again as a Tab Delimited text file.
4) Import the file into Outlook Calendar.
5) Sync your phone with Outlook.

That has been the "easiest" solution that I have found so far. If anyone has a better suggestion, I am happy to hear it.