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Posted by: wmta

Shared Keywords - 08/07/07 04:46 AM

We are Realtors and use NC and NUTD in several locations. They all talk to our NC/NUTD server which is running the 5.3 version of the Server software.
Shared keywords have been very erratic in their propagation across the different users. We frequently have different counts for "Show by Keyword" and then have to tediously attempt to find which ones are missing from this workstation or that one.
Requests for TS have been inconclusive... your file must be corrupt (not. problem is not fixed by setting up a new file at the workstation)
The other night I pulled up a shared keyword list on my workstation and got the 35 names I expected.
Tried from the macBookPro and no names but the keyword was in the list. So I opened and made primary a new NC file... the keyword went away!
Is anyone having consistent reliable results with shared keywords or is it a goal instead of a feature.
Any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong?
We have a mixture of 4.3 and 5.3.1 depending on workstations (which run from G3 iMacs to G4 eMacs to intel chipped lapptops and minis.
We could use some help here

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Re: Shared Keywords - 08/07/07 04:05 PM

We have been using NUD/NC for about 11 years. Given the current state of the software, I have surrendered to the fact the I can NOT fix most of the problems (bugs). We just limp allong as best we can and try not to get so upset when we encounter a problem that takes us away from our main business goals. Two things I may mention to you to try: 1) I had a lot of problems when I upgrade to the Intel version running on my iMac. Many of these problems went away when I launched the clients on Intel boxes through Rosetta. You can do this by selecting the application icon and typing command-I, then checking to box "open in Rosetta". The second problem I have worked around involved the servers. I notice when I reboot the computer on which I am running NC Server that the Server is "Off", thus not letting Clients update. To solve this I just start the "Server Manager" program and server starts once again.
Most of the problems we encounter are with Now Contact. We have not encountered your Keyword problem. Most of ours involve records duplicating themselves on clients after we change the category. I believe this is do to the client not "flushing" the contact from the old category once it moves it to the new category. Updating to the srver does not help.
Hope this info is usefull to you.
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Re: Shared Keywords - 08/07/07 04:48 PM

Thanks, I'll give Rosetta a call.
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Re: Shared Keywords - 08/07/07 04:51 PM

Oop, I have already done that!
Any other ideas... anyone?
Posted by: Kempy

Re: Shared Keywords - 08/16/07 12:01 PM

I agree with pablowski - just got resigned to this version and hope all will be fixed this year? We find that sometimes we pull up a contact detail only to find that the contact now list all keywords. Grrrrrrrrrr. We also have intel Mac related problems such as not being able to get new cotacts to default to our Public Server or an Intel user being constantly told that their serial number is on line - do you want to continue working offline. The greatest problem with this is that there is only a miniscule text warning at the bottom LHS of the page - what we need is a big Exclamation sign and a question before shutting down - will I synch for you and put you back on line before I close you Question
Rolling Eyes
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Re: Shared Keywords - 05/06/08 04:49 PM

Shared keywords also don't appear to update properly. We are trying to use NUTD&C more effectively, which means consolidating to consistent use of categories and keywords for all involved. Adding and deleting categories works as expected... categories appear and disappear across all machines once they update via the server. Not so with keywords. Migrating keywords created in 4.x versions to newly created shared keywords in 5.3.2, then deleting the old keyword results in every other Mac adding the new keyword AND retaining the old keyword. All these Macs are running 5.3.2. Having just purchased upgrades to 5.3.2 on a number of machines, I don't want to imagine what the owners will say when I tell them they have to pay for upgrades to a replacement application that comes out who knows when, with no guarantee that this will work better in the new program. Add this problem onto problems printing with various templates that only come out blank (including contact lists which are predefined by Now), and I'm feeling bad about ever recommending NUTD&C in the first place. The number of problems that have cropped up in recent years is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Sad

Please tell me that things will get better and these issues will be resolved.
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Re: Shared Keywords - 05/06/08 04:58 PM

Amen brother.
Well said.
This is the achilles heel of an otherwise useful tool