iPod repair question

Posted by: DavidDraiman

iPod repair question - 09/18/03 03:05 PM

i've got the original 10GB version iPod. i bought it when it first came out. the spot where you plug in the headphones is starting to cut out one side of the headphones. depending on if you pull the headphones out a tiny bit/rotate them a little bit...<br><br>i bought new headphones, thinking maybe it was that but it wasn't. the new headphones do the same thing...<br><br>can it be repaired? how? where? still under warranty?<br><br>[color:orange]Wake the sleeping giant, Wake the beast,</font color=orange><br>[color:red]Wake the sleeping dog... No, let him sleep</font color=red>
Posted by: Trog

Re: iPod repair question - 09/18/03 06:35 PM

Is it still under warranty is the question. You say the "original" 10GB version? Was that more than a year ago?<br><br>If its under warranty you just need to send it in for repair. If something really is wrong with it they will either fix it or send a brand new one. In each case I've had, they just sent a brand new one, but since yours is no longer manufactured they may be forced to fix it... but who knows.<br><br>iPod repair<br><br>