Trade-in time?

Posted by: steveg

Trade-in time? - 08/31/13 10:33 AM

Wonder if this will be a good deal.
Posted by: Mike

Re: Trade-in time? - 08/31/13 09:11 PM

"It didn't say how much older phones would be worth. But other brokers such as offer anywhere from $10 for a working iPhone 3G to $350 for an iPhone 5 that is in pristine condition." ---

$10.00 for a 'working iPhone 3G'??? Well, I guess I'll keep mine then. grin
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: Trade-in time? - 08/31/13 09:17 PM

No, it's never a good deal.

I put my iPhone 4 on Craigslist earlier this year for $200. I wanted text or calls only. I got calls from California! I sold it in 10 minutes to a local guy. That paid for my upgrade to the 5.

We plan on doing the same with my wife's iPhone 4s, except this time I'm asking for more. wink
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Trade-in time? - 09/01/13 04:57 AM

I have sold every iPhone I've had (3) and soon to be selling the 4th for almost as much as I have paid for them. Ebay.
I have kept this one the longest. I'ts a iP4 32BG.
Gazelle wants to give me $135.00
Ebay shows they sell easily for $250.00
And that's for a version that is soon to be 3 generations old.
The iP3G I sold for 15 less than I paid and it was 18 months old.