What's the case of the new iPad?

Posted by: MrB

What's the case of the new iPad? - 03/18/12 02:53 PM

Now to decide on a case.

For my original iPad I have two cases. The first was The jacket from STM.


Very nice tote type case. Well made and protective. Has a carry handle and a removable strap.

Then I got a great buy on a Sena case. Didn't know it when I bought it ,for $10 + sh from Woot, that it is made of Napa leather. Very nice. It's ths model

It's the Zipbook, in red. It holds the iPad in those corner straps, two in leather and two elastic . It zips clear around with two sturdy zippers. The back of the case incorporates a flap tat extends out to support the iPad at an angle or horizontal viewing. Works nice. And the leather both inside and out is so soft and smooth.

Tho my new baby will fit in this case, I want another one. Now that I've experienced leather, I've been spoiled.

What are your thoughts on cases.

Posted by: DLC

Re: What's the case of the new iPad? - 03/19/12 10:59 AM

I'm considering the one you recommended (another thread) and THIS !

I can get leather + detachable BT keyboard for $129.

Both are real nice !! smile
Posted by: zwei

Re: What's the case of the new iPad? - 03/19/12 03:55 PM

This is the case I just ordered.

Was originally looking for one with a smart cover, but Apple seems to have changed the sleep/wake functionality a bit and some third party smart covers don't work. Will investigate further in a month or so. Or I may just stick with the case above if I like it.
Posted by: MrB

Re: What's the case of the new iPad? - 03/19/12 06:11 PM

The Zagg looks nice.

For my original iPad I first had the STM Jacket


It's a tote style and is very practical. Compact but wit some extra pockets. Well protected. Easy tote with the builtn handle or strap. Sturdy material, not leather.

I will be sing it until I can find an overwhelming reason to get another. Can't see, paying upwards around $80 or more for a beautiful soft handsome classy leather. Oh, hum. Sigh.