New iPhone today.

Posted by: NucleusG4

New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 11:53 AM

Will it be the wildly anticipated iP5.. or just an updated iP4s?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 05:56 PM

iPhone 4s with A5 chip and dual core graphics
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 06:50 PM

Yeah.. that's what I figured...

What the hell is wrong with this page? Or is it just me..?
It's all left justified and crap...
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 06:59 PM

I was hoping for a new design. I still have a 3G and was looking to upgrade. However, I just bought an iPad2 and that does a lot I used to use my phone for....may just wait a bit longer now. I will see what the reviews are and how the camera works.
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 08:20 PM

I definitely like the HD and better camera and additional camera of the iP4.. but! I liked the form factor of the previous models better.
Posted by: DLC

Re: New iPhone today. - 10/04/11 10:07 PM

Hey Nuc,

4G was a big issue with me... I want something much faster. The 4S doesn't have 4G capability BUT it downloads near 4G speeds 14.4 MBS, and this is using a 3G network. Granted it's NOT 4G LTE speed but it is much better than the iPhone4. I also like the better camera, HD video, and especially SIRI... that's a game changer IMO. The other stuff (world phone) is good too, so I'll probably jump from my 3GS instead of waiting another 10-12 months ! I don't think they'll have a iPhone5 until next summer at the earliest.

I know the market (investors) was disappointed, but I think the AT&T CEO hit the nail on the head. They had the same reaction with the 3GS, and it turned out to be a very under-rated iPhone, which you can STILL get today ! smile

Anyone know how the iPhone4S compares say with a Droid 4G phone for downloads and speed? I was shocked to see the Droid camera speed. Is it really that slow? smirk