iPad doesn't shut down

Posted by: John Rougeux

iPad doesn't shut down - 10/02/11 03:01 PM

So when I turn off my iPad, which isn't very often, it just sits there with the spinning icon that you get right before it shuts down. But it never does...I have to hold down the 2 buttons down to force it off then turn it back on.

Anyone else experience this?
Posted by: zwei

Re: iPad doesn't shut down - 10/03/11 01:34 PM

hmmm. Nope. I've only had to force shut mine down like twice.

I wouldn't worry about it. You'll have a new OS to put on it soon. Hopefully that'll wipe out any software corruption.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iPad doesn't shut down - 10/03/11 01:43 PM

I'll check my wife's iPad, but I think the same thing was with hers...it wouldn't shut off