Why doesn't Apple offer this?

Posted by: John Rougeux

Why doesn't Apple offer this? - 09/17/10 03:25 PM

for both the iPhone and iPad, why doesn't Apple offer this?

"The Galaxy Tab can be expanded to 32GB of storage through the microSD slot."

That would be really nice to have that option to expand your space and move things around easier.
Posted by: carp

Re: Why doesn't Apple offer this? - 09/18/10 01:37 AM

Then theres no need to offer 16, 32, 64, GB models - just change the SD Card and swap them back and forth - then there will be Bitches complaining about having to even buy SD Cards and having to carry that around.

It never ends John.
No matter what you do there is a bitch about it.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: Why doesn't Apple offer this? - 09/18/10 03:09 AM

the price of SD cards are cheap. Leave it in the iPad, no need to carry it around.

And it's an addition to, not replace. So if you got a 16GB iPad, you could put in a 32GB SD card and have a 48GB iPad.
Posted by: carp

Re: Why doesn't Apple offer this? - 09/18/10 03:59 AM

Then again whats the point to having all these models? ?

OOoohh to make some money <-- Duhhhh

We can argue all we want for this or that, PC side or Mac, both have their own complaints thats been going on for ever.

In any case I will stick with the Mac because it seems that on a yearly bases, there is something new compared to MS, 5 Year turn around for crap.

Now back to these new phone competition and iPad as well? - Can these companies show in anyway what so ever they can upgrade their products every 6 months let alone a yearly upgrade? ?

Anyway these Dogs are now catching up to Apple, and still there is no way that shows me that they are still not DOGS.

Buy what you want - I will still stay with the innovator.