iOS 4 is out now

Posted by: zwei

iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 06:00 PM

Install it already.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 06:08 PM

I will once I get home in about 2 hours. I was surprised nobody has posted anything about it yet.
Posted by: EzyriderTX

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 07:28 PM

I've had a busy Monday. Our IT guy PM'd me a heads up and I'm a few minutes away from downloading and installing it. It has been a speedy download so far. Apple's server's were up to the task today!
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 07:49 PM

Installed. Had to re-enter password for voicemail...good thing my 1st guess was correct! heh

So far it looks good.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 08:10 PM

just created a couple of folders. I like these...will probably do most of my apps that way.
Posted by: Mike

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/21/10 09:57 PM

Installing it! 'Backup'/Synch is taking some time...
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/22/10 12:12 PM

It doesn't get more specific than this:

...but it seems to work nonetheless. A lot of argybargy to follow while it works out which of my apps are 4-friendly. (then I can start worrying about the same issue once I've jailbroken it - which is already possible, good old redsn0w!)
Posted by: DLC

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/23/10 02:00 AM

A friend at work installed it and now has an iBrick ! shocked

I asked if he backed it up and he said No ! blush

(shaking head) geez, come on - common sense ... oh wait it isn't wink
Posted by: Silver_Moon

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/23/10 02:13 AM

I like it so far.
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/23/10 10:52 AM

LOVE love love the folders!

Just consolidated five screens down to one. Can't wait for this to come to the iPad!

Never really felt the need for multitasking, but nice that it's there, I guess (although I wonder about how much resources are being used by the apps I thought were closed but are really just hovering ;-) ...

Aside from those and the new mail features, I haven't noticed much of a difference from the older OS ...
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/23/10 02:40 PM

If the apps are properly updated for iOS4, they hardly use any resources at all when they're in the background (apart from the app image being held in memory), unless they're specifically doing something - like Pandora playing music in the background. That's the beauty of it. You just pop 'em up again and they're back where they were when you left them. A different paradigm from on a desktop computer where you might actually want it to be doing one intensive thing while you do something else (like render an image while you email and play music or whatever).
Posted by: DLC

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/25/10 12:58 AM

Thanks, I may upgrade my iPhone OS this weekend !
Posted by: DLC

Re: iOS 4 is out now - 06/27/10 02:14 PM

Installed it without a hitch.. very easy.

NICE !! Love it !

If anyone is debating the issue, back up your phone and DO it. wink
Posted by: Acumowchek

Battery drained - 06/28/10 09:53 PM

I updated on day one to my iPod touch.
Friday updated several apps.
I ALWAYS "shut down" instead of "sleep" to conserve battery.
Monday, the battery is drained completely, no clue why.
I'll recharge tonight and check again tomorrow, but this has never happened before.
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: Battery drained - 06/29/10 01:42 AM

My 3G update was not an easy one. I had to do a restore to finally get the thing on. I really would not have updated but I updated an app, GPS in Motion, that was OS4 only. I wish that they would warn the user that it is not capable before updating.

This is what happened to me and what fixed it
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Battery drained - 06/29/10 01:49 AM

Well, The upgrade process was flawless, took me about 40 minutes for everything, BUT, I've had it plugged in now for 20 minutes and it still hasn't registered in iTunes.
I've never had the battery drain to zero, so maybe it needs a little juice before showing up.

Sorry to hear about your problem.

Ain't modern technology wonderful?

Edit: 45 minutes later, iTunes recognize my iPod. Charging battery now.
Do not like. I hope Apple aren't over extending themselves.
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/06/10 07:29 PM

My 3G’s update took AGES. As in, ~10 hours. At the end it said it couldn’t perform the update, and showed the phone’s storage meter near empty. However, I closed the error dialog and let the phone have some alone time. The contents of the phone showed up about 5 minutes later, the update HAD worked, and I have seen no further errors.

In the end, I like the folders a lot, love the built-in Wikipedia, LOVE that my in-car controls now control Pandora!! and have not noticed any slowdown.

But I have noticed CRASHES galore. I don’t think the 3G has the RAM to handle iOS 4 reliably.

Luckily I have an iPhone 4 on the way.
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/06/10 11:23 PM

Also really like the rapid backup/sync. Finally! It’s as fast as I always thought it should be, and I no longer hesitate to plug in for fear of multiple-minute delays.
Posted by: carp

Re: Battery drained - 07/07/10 05:46 AM

When you get that iPhone 4, please give us a review.

Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/07/10 05:40 PM

Well, the glass scratched really badly just lifting it out of the box, and I can’t make phone calls at all when touching any part of the metal. In fact I feel a little bit of a shock when I touch it—mild but unpleasant. And I was not expecting that the retina display would actually hurt my eyes. Multitasking is great in theory—except it can only keep 2-3 apps in memory at once. Tons of crashes too.

*Wakes up in a cold sweat*

I should get it late next week. Will report on its awesomeness at that time!

Also, my 3G is no longer crashing, since I hard shut-down the device. (Hold both buttons until the logo, then KEEP holding them until shudown). Knock on wood.

P.S. Re number of apps in the app switcher at once: the one at the Apple Store had 42! shocked I expected maybe 8!
Posted by: zwei

Re: Battery drained - 07/07/10 06:08 PM

Good to see you again Nagromme!
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/07/10 06:14 PM

Thanks smile I’ve cut my forum usage down but I still lurk!
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/12/10 08:19 PM

Problem with delivery... but I should still have my iPhone 4 by the end of the week!

Meanwhile, I’d suggest 3G users skip iOS 4: the hard reset fixed my crashes for a day, but they came back for good. Random reboots that take 5 minutes or more. several times a day.

And once when it happend, it totally killed the phone—wouldn’t even turn back on. I had to do a full restore. (Which thankfully now takes only 4.5 hours instead of the usual 9. But still—I can’t randomly lose my phone for 5 hours.) The full restore did not fix the crashes. (Which happen in any app—even Apple’s own.)

So, I’m going to use the iPhone as little as possible, hoping to keep it alive for calls, and then hope that my iPhone 4 does not inherit the problem!

(I may also try resetting network settings—but I’d lose a ton of wifi passwords.)
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: Battery drained - 07/13/10 06:41 AM

Sorry you've had all that tsuris - but iOS4 is working fine on my 3G, no crashes (and being jailbroken, I also have multitasking - tho' it requires a little 'user intervention' sometimes when it gets too low on ram...)
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/13/10 05:06 PM

That’s good. Resetting network settings seems to have helped (but only half a day so far).

Now going through my Mac’s keychain looking for any WiFi passwords I don’t want to be without. Ack!

P.S. Apple’s sure got a PR problem: everyone on the planet from toddlers to grandparents is telling me I should cancel my iPhone 4 order because it can’t make phone calls unless you handle it just right. I think Apple could have done a little more to contain that kind of exaggeration... but there’s always the chance I’ll get a free case out of the issue one day smile
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Battery drained - 07/16/10 04:46 AM

Resetting network settings didn’t help. The problem seems incurable. But I have my iPhone 4 now, so the 3G can crash all it likes.

I’d say iOS 4 is an unacceptable risk on a 3G. Might be fine, might be dog slow, might crash incurably. If I knew someone with a 3G I’d recommend they wait and see what happens with later iOS 4 updates. The problem, of course, is that some apps have been updated to be iOS 4-ONLY. And if you get those updates without updating the OS, the apps get deleted from your phone, along with your associated data—never to be seen again.

So if a person did want to wait on iOS 4, it’s necessary to read the sys reqs of every app update, and keep a mental note of which ones to avoid.