iPad wifi issues?

Posted by: John Rougeux

iPad wifi issues? - 04/06/10 06:04 PM

CNN.com has it on their top news stories. Apple even posted a support page about it

On CNN's site, they say "laying the iPad on a flat surface exacerbates the problem."

Any of you all that have one had any problems with wifi?
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: iPad wifi issues? - 04/07/10 02:33 PM

Not with me so far -- but then, my iPad hasn't been out of the house yet, where it gets a strong signal pretty much everywhere ;-)

Today will be its first excursion to the wilds of other wifi hotspots =D
Posted by: zwei

Re: iPad wifi issues? - 04/07/10 09:42 PM

Not been a problem…

although I DID have a problem connecting it to the WiFi at work. They use a web authentication thingamajig …found users on Apple discussion forums with the same problem. The fix was to turn off Autofill in the Safari prefs. Worked.