iPod Nano owners

Posted by: Nana

iPod Nano owners - 12/08/09 09:36 PM

Thinking of treating myself for the holidays with a 8gb iPod Nano 5th generation from Macmall because:
Macmall's price - $134.99
Apple's price - $149.00

Macmall's AC/USB adapter price - $9.99
Apple's price - $29.99

I couldn't find any customer reviews on Apple's site for the "Nano"

Your thoughts?
Posted by: Celandine

Re: iPod Nano owners - 12/10/09 11:27 AM

Good Question..
..Thanx 4 bringing it up.. smile

I may be getting one for my BF too.
I'm waiting for his 8gb 4th Gen Nano
battery to pack it in, then I'll pull
a switcher-oo wink I'll buy him the 5th G
and send the 4th G change the battery and
keep it for myself. I have a 5th Gen Video
but THOUSANDS of Songs in your pocket suits
me right to the ground when I'm out and about. grin

In My Personal Opinion:
The cost is SO LOW to DOUBLE Your Capacity: Do So.

I'll go for the 16GBs over the 8GB for about $30 more.
You'd be surprised how much room a single take-along-movie
eats up.. Even just a PIXAR Movie to keep the kids occupied
while you're busy registering your vehicle at the Dreaded DMV.

A Good Place to search is "iPod Central" wink aka iLOUNGE


I'd ALSO check C.NET


..and while you're there Don't forget to check the USER REVIEWS

Posted by: Nana

Re: iPod Nano owners - 12/10/09 04:57 PM

Thank you so much for the wealth of information including the links. Will definitely check out the "user" reviews.

Right now, am considering purchasing the 16gb instead of the 8gb. Macmall has rebates for the ac adapter & leather case. Basically, will be getting those for free after the rebates. Therefore, will only be paying for the iPod & Apple Care after all is said & done.