Loving the tattoos

Posted by: krusher117

Loving the tattoos - 08/30/04 12:49 AM

Make sure you check this stuff out. HP has introduced a whole new way to personalize your iPod 4th gen. The "tattoos" come in a pack of 3 (?) and all are blank so you can print anything on them. HP is even providing artwork from popular album covers you can download and print.


tattoo featuring "the hives"
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Loving the tattoos - 08/30/04 05:52 AM

man thats ugly. I don't think that these would hold on very well and seem like a waste in my opinion. Plus it takes the fun out of modding your ipod the real way. I would never waste my money. But, if anyone does, let me know how bad they suck :P
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Loving the tattoos - 08/30/04 10:47 AM


Personally, I do believe that it is a good idea, though the design of an iPod does not encourage printable "skins" for such a device. I would imagine that they would not only peel off, but possibly parts of the "skin" would stick to the player. The kind of paper that has to go through most inkjet printers to even make it advance is too thick, and a thin "skin" would only be printable on only a few printers, most likely HP brand.

On a side note, the only one I found visually appealing was'The Cure' skin, which blended very well with the iPods look.