iPod mini thoughts...

Posted By: ubergeek89

iPod mini thoughts... - 08/18/04 11:45 PM

I may be getting an iPod mini within the next few months, and I'm curious, does anybody here have one and want to share their thoughts about it like pro's and con's and such... Other than it will make me the coolest geek in high school (when added to my awsome backpack and powerbook G3 lol.
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Re:iPod mini thoughts... - 08/19/04 02:23 AM

I do remember when the mini's came out they had an issue with static after about 40 hours of use, but I have not heard anything recently about it. Now are you going mini becauase of size, color, or price? For not much extra you can get a 20 gb, and that is what I 'd probably do.
Posted By: ubergeek89

Re:iPod mini thoughts... - 08/19/04 03:04 AM

This happens to be a gen2 mini that doesn't have the static issue. The reason I'm going mini, is because I'm getting it dirt cheap because sombody ordered one through the company my dad works for and they sent the wrong color, so I'm getting it, that is, if my grades in school this year are good enough. I'm not paying for it so I can't complain.
Posted By: krusher117

Re:iPod mini thoughts... - 08/20/04 10:04 PM

I've had my mini for a long time now. I got it a few weeks after they came out and were still in plentiful supply B) . Since day one, the Mini has been stress free. It even seemed to operate faster than my Gen 2 ipod 10gb. If you are used to the speed of the Gen 3 iPod, you will get the same from the mini even though the hard drive is different / slower. The minis size is something you'll begin to appreciate almost immediately. The way it fits into your pocket, hand, car is amazing. The size is almost perfect for anything. Exercising is a key benefit to the mini. Get the optional armband and you'll have a music solution you'll hardly know is there. The clip is wonderful. Its functional and never gets in the way (I leave mine on almost 95% of the time). The click wheel is more useable than the larger ipod. You're thumb isn't THAT long, so the smaller wheel is better (more me). The screen is much smaller than the iPod, but due to the font/resolution it shows the same amount of data and is equally as readable. Sound is on par with the iPod and the jack hasn't given me any trouble with static or looseness. The anodized aluminum casing doesn't show fingerprints much, however if you drop it you WILL dent it. Plastic takes a drop better than aluminum (unfortunately I have dropped both). Basically, I have very little bad to say about my mini. It crashed often to begin with, but that has since gone away. Battery life after a charge may not show up for a few minutes when you first remove it from the charger. You will love it if 4GB is enough for you.

Hope that helped your decision
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