Is the new iPod enough???

Posted By: krusher117

Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/21/04 10:33 AM

I think its a minor update. Almost too minor. I would have at least liked to see a built in mic or a significantly thinner body. I expect that gen 5 will be a complete overhaul. looking at the past timeline I think Apple will update minor every year and major every two years. This minor update may not be good enough to fend off the growing number of competitors (who seem to be getting their act together SLOOOOOWLY).
Posted By: oojacoboo

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/21/04 12:56 PM

Its good enough for me to sell mine and update, the price drop and the 12 hour battery life is good enough for me. I don't care about all the other stuff, I use an ipod for music, maybe I will use as a portable hard drive now too, that the 40gb is more affordable. Cheers Apple!
Posted By: whitlock

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 04:48 AM

i've been holding out on getting a laptop loan until the new ipod came out. i''m going to pick up a maxed out ibook and a 40gb ipod. it's gonna rock. i knew this new ipod was going to be good. i like the wheel, but at the same time i am still a button kind of guy. well, guess i'll find out wink
Posted By: oojacoboo

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 08:35 AM

Whitlock, I have used the ipod mini wheel that is the same. At first I was thinking, "man this is going to suck, it looks hard to use". However, its actually better. I agree with you, I am a button type guy as well, but this is nice, its really easy. I promise you will like. BTW, it makes the button bigger and more convenient.
Posted By: whitlock

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 08:10 PM

thats good to hear. i have had no access to a mini ipod so i don't know how the interface feels. does it become more smooth than the current ipod interface after a while?
Posted By: oojacoboo

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 09:46 PM

definitely! Think about it. You are scrolling and all the sudden you want to go back a menu. You don't have to pick up your finger and locate the menu key at the top . you just drag your finger to it and tap. Its all right there more compact. Even though its more compact, its not, because the buttons are actually larger. Its truly great, you will love. wink
Posted By: whitlock

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 09:55 PM

good point. i was pretty annoyed about having to move around like that. then again, that was when messing around with my brothers ipod (which i helped buy) or on my roomates.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 10:01 PM

I'm sorry, but this is definitely not enough to warrant $300+ for an iPod. If Apple wants to have some kind of update schedule, then let it be every couple of years, and skip the minor updates. All the minor updates do is keep the cost of the iPod higher.

Think about it. It's smaller, which means new casting molds. Button and scroll wheel technology that is a little different, but not much, costs in redesigning or modifying the insides.

And now, the overall cost of the iPod hasn't been lowered to accomodate the lack of a dock, or remote. I don't find either of these items important, but shouldn't the cost come down at least $50 or so?
Posted By: oojacoboo

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 10:07 PM

magnus, you are talking about the 20 gb model. The prices have come down in comparison. The battery life has doubled at least and the os has been improved as well as the scroll wheel adition. I do agree with you on common business and marketing concepts for the redesigning and the price inflation that causes. However, I think that apple has to stay ahead of the pack to maintain their market share. Also, Apple is not concerned on thier price. If you look at their target market, they are not trying to sell to little bo peep or little red riding hood. They are selling to people who can afford their products and always will. Apple has always done a fairly good job of hitting their target market. It is when they step out of this that they will begin to loose market share. What you are sugesting is like telling mercedees to stop releasing a new version of their car every year and release only the new body styles and lower their price so that everyone can afford it. Sure it may be good for some, but the brand looses its appeal and it purpose. So, on those points I would have to disagree, as well as agree with your thought process of the pricing and how costs are associated.
Posted By: whitlock

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/22/04 10:31 PM

if people just didn't find ipods so attractive i bet the price would have dropped even more, but they are now competing w/ sony. with the 40gb price drop, that's pretty nice.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re:Is the new iPod enough??? - 07/23/04 07:20 AM

oojacoboo, I do see where you are coming from, and it does make sense. But here is my frustration. While improvements have been made, it hasn't been enough to make me want to make an investment in a newer iPod.

This may be an overstatement and a little melodramatic, but it is almost like the days of the Centris and Quadra Macs. Too many models with not enough differences to justify the cost from one model to the next.

krusher117 asked if this was enough of an update. As someone who does not have the finances to take a loss on selling my current iPod to get a new one, the differences are not great enough for me.

With the wife wanting a mini iPod for her birthday, I don't see getting one of those and getting a 4G iPod anytime soon. frown
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