Jumping into iPod

Posted by: padmavyuha

Jumping into iPod - 02/07/09 03:33 PM

Has anyone else experienced this since the last iPhone OS update? I put my phone down with the home screen showing, and a few seconds later it suddenly jumps into iPod player mode, all by itself.
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Jumping into iPod - 02/07/09 04:38 PM

No. Anything good playing? smile

Was any cable connected? Maybe it received an erroneous "play" signal from the dock connector?

Or maybe you had accidentally double-clicked Home, which might be set to launch the iPod? There could have been some data-loading delay that made it not happen at first.
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: Jumping into iPod - 02/07/09 05:25 PM

Nope, no cable, and double-click gets me Contacts. As for what was playing - it was on pause smile.