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Posted by: KateSorensen

New iPhone - 02/04/09 06:32 PM

Over the weekend I noticed that after charging my phone immediately before retiring for the night, when I woke in the a.m., the phone only had about 1/3 of that charge left [2/3 missing!]

I got on line to check it out and found things that were suggested to lessen the battery use and keep charges longer. I wasn't using anything that might be causing my problem.

So I headed for the Apple Store. Of course the place was busting at the seams with people, people, people. I made an appointment for 5:50 [1-1/2 hour wait].

Then I talked to various people. Watched some one on one folks with their projects and played with lots of iPod Touch games. Got a pretzel and went to the Container Store for a couple of things.

The Genius checked out my phone and went to the back room for further consultation. When he came back I expected him to say I would get a new battery. Instead he said I was getting a new iPhone [faulty equipment].

Nice going Apple! I love it!


Posted by: Nagromme

Re: New iPhone - 02/04/09 07:53 PM


I'm curious whether the restore procedure in iTunes will be seamless or not. Will it resurrect your olf iPhone completely from the last backup, with all settings in all apps intact?
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: New iPhone - 02/04/09 08:22 PM

It appears mine is complete. I checked out most nooks and crannies and everything is there!

Love it!