WiFi on the Touch

Posted by: walzuhair

WiFi on the Touch - 11/11/08 09:51 AM

Every time I need to access the internet, using my iPod Touch, I have to go to the settings to switch on wifi.

Is there a way to automatically do this whenever Safari is trying to access the net, and then shuts the wifi off after I'm done to conserve the battery?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: WiFi on the Touch - 11/11/08 12:23 PM

Automatically? Probably not as far as web browsing goes.

But, do you have it set to automatically push for email? I turned that off on mine so that it saves battery life. It's right under Wi-Fi in the system prefs called Fetch New Data.
Posted by: Nagromme

Re: WiFi on the Touch - 11/11/08 02:32 PM

I think WiFi, even when "on" in settings, WILL power down when not needed. So just leave it on, and conserve as needed by using it less. However, many apps--and data featching (email) as John says--will use it. So be aware of that.

However, I find that my iPhone has very long battery life regardless of WiFi being on. What kills the battery is 3D graphics (games) more than anything else. And the speaker maybe. Video playback (YouTube) doesn't seem to hurt too much, despite running WiFi constantly. I can watch a couple hours of YouTube and have plenty of battery left (headphones recommended).