"InvisableSHIELD" for Apple iPhone

Posted by: Celandine

"InvisableSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/09/08 04:01 PM

"InvisableSHIELD" for An Apple iPhone


What is the invisibleSHIELD?


ARRRG! Belay The BULK!

iPhone Case Review at CES
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: "InvisableSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/09/08 04:53 PM

I wonder how it works with the touch screen. If I ever got a Touch, I guess I'd put this stuff on it.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: "InvisibleSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/09/08 06:11 PM

It works perfectly fine. wink

I've also had it on my 5th Gen Video iPod
for years, and I can still peel it off & sell
the iPod on e-bay as "In Pristine Condition"
in spite of constant use of in car use with the
Kensington plug-in device (since the "grippyness"
keeps it from sliding around even in the turns) and
in & out of my several Altec Lansing Speaker devices
scattered around the house, or taken to parties.

Best $20 investment I've ever made... I'll get one
for my iPhone ((...as soon as I get one... blush ))
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: "InvisibleSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/09/08 07:11 PM

Good to know!
Posted by: neil

Re: "InvisibleSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/09/08 10:25 PM

There's a review of these and others in the Dec MacTech which is in the mail now.



Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: "InvisableSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/10/08 04:38 AM

Hi Celandine,
Very cool.
Thanks for the heads up!
Posted by: FSM

Re: "InvisableSHIELD" for Apple iPhone - 11/10/08 06:47 PM

i use a thin rubber case. the nice thing about it is that i can set my phone on the counter and if something spills then my phone is protected. i also use a screen protector. however, the top left corner starts peeling away within a few days even though i replaced it because that happened previously -- and i clean the iPhone perfectly before application. hmmm.

i have to read Neil's review and others to see how well the iPhone grip works with the invisible shield since that's my biggest concern when pulling it out of my pocket or worrying about it getting easily knocked off of a slick counter.