hello from KC

Posted by: FSM

hello from KC - 07/15/08 04:44 PM

so, we're staying on the Plaza. very pretty. i went to get the new iPhone yesterday after lunch. the line wrapped around the corner. i saw an Apple employee come out an announce that they were again sold out for the day (still on Monday -- wow). so i gave up on that idea.<br><br>my laptop started having crappy Airport access back home before i left. now, i am lucky to get 30 second of online access before it craps out . . . if i can connect at all. i have tried at home, at a friend's house here in Kansas and here at the hotel. my wireless is dying/dead. what crummy timing. my iPhone works, but it's not great for forums. heh. stupid Macbook anyway. i was trying to do work while on the road, but if i can't get my email onto my laptop then i can't grade student theses. crummy stuff. maybe i'll buy an ethernet cable or swipe the cable from the few computers in the lobby and quickly plug into my laptop just to get email attachments. hmmm.<br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>
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Re: hello from KC - 07/16/08 12:40 PM

Look in your closet. There will be a small plastic bag on a hangar. An ethernet cable will be in there or else the Plaza is really cutting back. If the bag is gone just ask at the desk. <br><br>