iPod smart or stupid?

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iPod smart or stupid? - 10/23/01 06:55 PM

As much as I love Apple's iPod, and can't wait to have one, I have to wonder if its wise to alienate any potential MP3 player buyers who don't have a Mac?<br><br>I think the Firewire is the best part, because not only can I use this as an MP3 player, but it's also a portable hard drive! However, it Apple added a USB port to it, it would be possible to market it to a hell of a lot more people than just Mac users. So while the Mac market is a big size and the MP3 player market is a big size, I have my doubts as to the size of their overlap. <br><br>It's great for us Mac users, but wouldn't it be cool if everyone had to go buy an Apple product if they wanted the best MP3 player??<br><br>Let hear some reactions........<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/23/01 07:13 PM

I haven't really seen anything about the product yet, but FireWire isn't a Mac-only phenomenon, so I don't think it would be on that basis that Apple would be excluding non-Mac users.<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/23/01 07:33 PM

I think the iPod is gr8, I can't wait to get one my iBooks batery just does not last long enough. As for letting Peecee users use them why(although ones with firewire may be able to)?<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 12:07 AM

i like the idea, though I personally don't have the cashola to dish out on one... nor do I think I'm the target market for one right now. this thing will be great for attracting the older teen, and college age crowd to the Mac market, which they desperately need.<br><br>What apple needs to do is market the [censored] out of this thing for the Christmas season... And I don't mean in Time or Macworld magazine, but everywhere...<br><br>good luck Apple...<br><br>
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iPod smart, but... - 10/24/01 12:16 AM

Smart product, stupid price.<br><br>I think its specs are right-on including the iTunes/Mac bias as a compelling reason to consider a Mac. But it's about $100 US too expensive right now.<br><br>From the "If-I-were-CEO" department, I think I can forgive the steep price tag if Apple offers bundle deals and discounts to existing Mac owners. I've always thought items like the Cube and even the PowerMacs could fare better in the marketplace with bundle discounts for Apple monitors. Well, now instead of monitors, you could make iMacs and iBooks more compelling by offering an iPod bundled with each at a deep discount.<br><br>Without, I am afraid the iPod may miss the mark due to its price and without more aggressive association with Mac "solutions."<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 02:18 AM

I don't know many older teens or college age people who have that kind of money. :)<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 02:22 AM

This iPod is only $100 less than what you can get an iMac for in NY or Washington!!!<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 02:25 AM

no, you're right the kids might not have the money... but I swear to you that every damn annoying teenager out there with parents with money that asks for this thing will get it...<br><br>I mean come on, don't middle-aged parents (apple's traditional market) with enough money to buy a Macintosh over a PC (apple's market) with that sort of out there attitude (apple's market) have $400 to make there kids happy? Come on... $400? that's less than the monthly payment on the Lexus (insert rediculously expensive car here)...<br><br>Apple's traditional market will snap these things up if their kids ask for them...<br><br>Apple needs to market the hell out of this thing in magazines like "Teen", "YM", "Rolling Stone", etc.... Maxim, yadda yadda yadda...<br><br>They've got to sell the whole solution too, so that the rest of the hardware sells... but this is a way to get in the door of those families that are stuck on Windows... their kids just have to ask <br><br>--- disclaimer ---<br><br>My entire argument is based on the Christmas shopping season, and thus might be flawed by the [censored] that Al Queda is doing to the world right now....<br><br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 03:08 AM

VERY good point JrnyMan!!!<br><br>--John Bailey( [color:red]Bdog</font color=red> )<br><br>Email Me ---> bdog_111@yahoo.com
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 10/24/01 11:52 AM

yep.... great point, and it's at least as portable as the iMac you can buy in NY for $499. and it'll never be underpowered for its owner. I mean, it can't be right? like that cheap ass iMac (which has more power than mine that I paid $1500 for 3 years ago) which'll be underpowered as soon as the owner buys Tropico and tries playing it for longer than 10 minutes.... ah life.... <br><br>
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Stupid because it's too smart - 10/24/01 08:11 PM

I hate to sound esoteric, but I think the iPod might be stupid because it's too smart. I don't think most people will understand the price tag for this "fancy MP3 player." This is not unlike the Newton: too much money for a product too far ahead of its time - look how many people now pine for the Newton but weren't willing to shell out the money when it was available (including me). <br><br>I think if Apple did a better job to the general populace of making it clear that this thing is also a DATA storage unit for transporting files that aren't MP3s, they might raise a few more eyebrows and justify its price a little more. So far the commercial for it does not exploit this fact, nor does it drive home the incredible storage space to phyical size ratio. These are things I think that could help justify the $400 price tag. <br><br>For the record. I'd LOVE one of these things but for about $50-100 less. Even with all of the great achievements it's made, it's just a little bit too pricey for my blood.<br><br>
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Re: Stupid because it's too smart - 10/26/01 12:18 AM

I have heard from WAYYY to many people already that the iPod is overpriced. There is no way. First of all we're talking about breakthrough technology. As far as I can tell, this is one of the first few devices using this size Toshiba hard drive. Any time anything this new comes out you can expect to pay a little more for it. Isn't the Firefly firewire external drive coming out at $400? Now throw in a 20 minute memory cache to prevent skips, firewire speeds, long battery like,.... I will be in line at the Apple store when this thing comes out.<br> But it is absolutely true this thing needs to be marketed a ton before the holidays. I swear I have seen more apple commercials on the quicktime website then I have on TV! I can't imagine every iBook owner wouldn't want one of these, or every non-iBook owner wouldn't want an iBook so they COULD have one of these!!!!<br><br>
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Re: Stupid because it's too smart - 10/26/01 02:31 AM

Yeah, Bosco. You're pretty much supporting what I'm saying. I think the technology is really, really cool - but as you said, too many people think it's overpriced. They simply don't understand it's technological acheivements and can't understand the price. It's too much too soon in some ways (as was the Newton). I hope it survives, because I'm definately willing to buy one months down the road when the price on the current model drops significantly with the release of the 10GB Toshiba drive (and probably a newer, better iPod) - I'm just not willing to part with $400 bucks to make my MP3s portable.<br><br>
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Re: Stupid because it's too smart - 10/26/01 03:48 PM

I think the iPod sounds awesome - I haven't actually fondled one yet of course. It could do with a different name though, a friend of mine had a sty and it was very painful apparently. <br><br>The key points are:<br><br>1. Mp3 players are crap generally.<br>2. Mp3 software i.e. the transfer program - are crapola.<br>3. Mp3 headphones (even the sony ones) are garbage-arooney.<br>4. 64Megs is just not as big as it used to be.<br>5. Creative sucks.<br>6. There are no OS level music management programs for removable media (don't dare mention iomega)<br>7. USB connections only really transfer data into an Mp3 player at 2Mbps tops.<br>8. The iPod is a bargain for what it is - a 5GB firewire HD.<br>9. Lithium Polymer batteries last forever.<br>10. Quick charging.<br>11. Firewire interface - decently quick.<br><br>The product is definitely an object of desire, but here is where Apple will screw up.<br><br>1. No PC Compatibility reduces market.<br>2. No USB Option - reduces market.<br>3. High Price (relative to competition) reduces market.<br>4. 1st generation - reduces market.<br>5. Headphones are probably crap. How do I know this? Apple are crap at interfaces. The Computers are awesome, the OS's are great, but the actual ergonomic considerations are wanting. iMac screen, puck mouse, new mouse, small keyboard, new lcd's at a slant (they actually threw out their height adjustment).<br><br>I'd be lying if I said I don't want one, it's everything an Mp3 player should be. However, small market will hurt it. I don't think people will buy a Mac just because of the iPod. Other technologies might displace it e.g. Mp3 decoding minidisc players. <br><br>Overall - wicked product, well done Apple. Creative and all those other Mp3 player bozos should be prostrate before you. But it will either be phased out, develop a serious problem or be rendered redundant. I hope it does none of these things.<br><br>That was a real rant! I've got issues!<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 12/30/06 09:48 PM

And now we know.<br><br>
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 01/08/07 01:10 AM

Wow, it's amazing looking back. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing!<br><br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>THOMAS FITZGERALD:DIGITAL ARTIST&MAC BLOGGER
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Re: iPod smart or stupid? - 01/08/07 02:21 AM

Very cool Michael. <br>Cutting edge is cutting edge.<br><br>