iPhone Problem...

Posted by: DLC

iPhone Problem... - 07/23/07 02:15 PM

OK folks... been using this thing like there's no tomorrow.<br><br>Went to Savannah GA last weekend and used it all over the place finding restaurants and local sites to visit. GREAT tool !!<br><br>However , one glitch... when I use maps or another tool it keeps dropping after 30-60 sec and goes back to the main screen. I'm sure it's a software glitch, but very annoying !!<br><br><br>DOn't get me wrong- I'm not givin this baby up... but I gotta get this issue resolved ! .... it'sw a real "pisser". <br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/23/07 04:17 PM

sounds like a hiccup in the network. Bahhh... I just have my wife get directions. <br><br>CreativeGuy for daily tips, tricks and commentary on all things graphic design.
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/24/07 09:30 AM

Ditto on the network hiccup diagnosis.. The performance is dependent on the GSM coverage area, you may have voice but no data.<br><br>...<br>** DigitalEye **
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/24/07 02:03 PM

It's a "HICCUP" OK!<br><br>I heard it in one of the Techie Spots in Leo LaPorte's Report<br><br>What's happening is that it's what a SAFARI Crash looks like! <br>it drops the signal & reboots to the main page without even a <br>hint or Spinning BeachBall.<br><br>[color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/24/07 03:24 PM

<h1>[color:blue]Exploiting the iPhone</font color=blue></h1><br><br><br>NYTimes: IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says<br><br>The exploit is delivered via a malicious web page opened in the Safari browser on the iPhone. <br>There are several delivery vectors that an attacker might utilize to get a victim to open such a web page. <br>For example:<br><br> 1 An attacker controlled wireless access point: Because the iPhone learns access points by name <br>(SSID), if a user ever gets near an attacker-controlled access point with the same name (and encryption <br>type) as an access point previously trusted by the user, the iPhone will automatically use the malicious <br>access point. This allows the attacker to add the exploit to any web page browsed by the user by <br>replacing the requested page with a page containing the exploit.<br><br> 2 A misconfigured forum website: If a web forum's software is not configured to prevent users from <br>including potentially dangerous data in their posts, an attacker could cause the exploit to run in any <br>iPhone browser that viewed the thread. (This would require some slight changes in our proof of concept <br>exploit, however.)<br><br> 3 A link delivered via e-mail or SMS: If an attacker can trick a user into opening a website that the <br>attacker controls, the attacker can easily embed the exploit into the main page of the website.<br><br><br><br>[color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/24/07 09:15 PM

Someone suggested a "restart" (like reboot) and for now that seems to have worked...<br><br>took all of 10 sec !!<br><br>thanks to all !!<br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/25/07 06:56 PM

I have had the same problem with Safari, Google Maps, Weather, and Mail. It usually happens while using the iPod, but sometimes when the apps are standing alone. The reset helps but the problem comes back. Make sure you report it to apple. From what I have seen on the support forum, this is a fairly common problem.<br><br>Have you learned two finger typing yet? I'm getting better but it does take practice.<br><br>BTW posted from my phone!<br><br><br>Salus populi suprema lex
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/26/07 12:54 AM

"Have you learned two finger typing yet? I'm getting better but it does take practice."<br><br><br>yes sure... first the left index finger, and then the right index finger ... <br><br>no really - you're more dextrous than I. I'm afraid I'll drop the dang thing !! <br><br>Well mine hasn't come back .... yet (knocking on cellulose)<br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/26/07 01:33 AM

The first thing I did was get a Speck "Tough Case" for my phone. It works great and makes it much easier to hold on to. Not to mention that is super protection for this little baby.<br><br><br>Salus populi suprema lex
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/27/07 02:13 AM

GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!<br><br>I must admit I'd been worried by not seeing you for so long.<br>I hope it was just spending time with your new family<br>AKA "getting a Life"! <br><br>anyway, thanx for checking in<br>stop by again<br>soon!<br><br>[color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/27/07 12:39 PM

You hit the nail on the head. Spending time with my wonderfull wife. <br><br><br>Salus populi suprema lex
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Re: iPhone Problem... - 07/28/07 06:20 PM

<br>Well, the last time I remember seeing you<br>you posted about a mate falling through a roof <br><br>...soooo... yeah, I'm a 'worry-wart' I guess... <br><br>check in more often when time allows.<br><br>[color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>