iPhone due June 29th !

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iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/04/07 02:36 AM

saw commercial tonight.<br>Well I'll be taking THAT Friday off!!.<br><br>Cingular stores FCFS only <br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/04/07 10:06 AM

One of the key features that most people hunt in 3G mobile phones, is the front camera for video calls (not the 2MP back camera). I wonder why Apple decided not to put one in its first 3G mobile phone.<br><br>...<br>** DigitalEye **
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/04/07 11:12 AM

Is it a 3G mobile phone? I thought it was a 2.5G. <br><br>FWIW I have a 3G mobile without any cameras. It suits the security requirements of my work environment.<br><br>
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/04/07 08:02 PM

After your comment, I checked the technical specs of it and it says "iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE."<br><br>According to the specs, it only supports data over EDGE GPRS... I could swear the keynote said 3G, I must have been wrong... Thanks for the comment.<br><br>...<br>** DigitalEye **
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/05/07 02:32 AM

No problem. I think there was a lot of discussion of a 3G version for release outside the U.S. That may have been where the cross-over occured. <br><br>I love the ads although it also reiterates the reliance on the service provider for a lot of the cool and funky features. IIRC EDGE is only supported by Telstra over here. I have had no reason to use Telstra even though I own shares in it. <br><br>
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/05/07 07:40 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>I have had no reason to use Telstra even though I own shares in it. <p><hr></blockquote><p>I own shares in WalMart and Microsoft and feel the same way...<br><br>CreativeGuy for daily tips, tricks and commentary on all things graphic design.
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Re: iPhone due June 29th ! - 06/06/07 09:19 AM

Great! I'm waiting for the iPhone since Jan,2007<br><br>iPod Movie Rip any movies you like to iPod<br> iPhone Movie The easiest way to copy DVD to iPhone.<br>
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Re: iPhone Update - 06/10/07 06:48 PM

Call the AT&T Cingular store today (6-10-07) and they said they can't talk about the service plans fpr the iPhone until June 29th !! <br>I'm going to be one real unhappy camper if I get there and it's outrageous (like $100/month).<br><br>A few weeks ago an AT&T guy did tell me that you could have a voice plan that the same as you have now.<br><br>David (OFI)
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New iPhone revelations- NOT ! - 06/22/07 03:28 PM

OK new info leaking out... drip by drip ! <br><br>Called my local Apple store with some questions !<br><br>Got 1 answered !! <br><br>Question 1: "I understant that ONLY Apple and company AT&T stores will have phones"! <br><br>Apple Rep: "Correct" (Yeah ! ) <br><br>Question 2: "When the phones go on sale at Apples stores, will there be AT&T reps there to discuss rate plans ?"<br><br>Apple Rep: "We don't know, yet!" (she's no Mac Genius)<br><br>Question 3: "So IF you buy an iPhone at an Apple store you can take the chip out of your old phone and go to an AT&T store to get the Plan?"! <br><br>Apple Rep: "We don't know that !" (she's no Mac Genius)<br><br>Question 4: "How soon do you think more information might be available on these issues"<br><br>Apple Rep: "6 PM June 29th !" (she's no Mac Genius)<br><br>Aren't you damm glad I posted these revelations ?? <br><br>this is worse than a Root Canal !!<br> <br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: New iPhone revelations- NOT ! - 06/22/07 07:45 PM

My only question is the ability to read Arabic SMS messages.. Looking at the Arabic support in iWork and iLife, I can easily say there isn't any Arabic support.. <br><br>But who knows, I could be wrong and they've included the Arabic support that exists in Tiger & Safari. <br><br>...<br>** DigitalEye **
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Re: New iPhone revelations- NOT ! - 06/26/07 01:19 PM

iphone revelations..... check out the Nokia N95. that is a 5 MPixel camera. and wow that is a GPS feature, not just google maps.<br>Wow Nokia, you mean this phone isn't only 3G!<br>hey how long before the locked apple phone is 'hacked'?<br><br>
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Re: New iPhone revelations- NOT ! - 06/26/07 01:55 PM

I had a look at a friend's Nokia N95 and found it bulky, clunky and difficult to use. He did not have GPS running as he was not willing to pay the monthly subscription after paying $$$ for the phone. Nah...not having a touch screen is definitely a minus for me. Not sure about iPhone but then I have a long wait before it gets down under. I'll let you guys find the problems first. Meanwhile my W950i will do me fine...<br><br>
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Re: New iPhone revelations- NOT ! - 06/26/07 08:14 PM

The N95 is roughly $707 here, and I couldn't get answers to my questions regarding the GPS functionality, as I use a Garmin Vista in the car. It runs Symbian S60, which accepts multiple entries per contact (so a contact can have many telephone numbers, email addresses, ... etc).<br><br>It also becomes iSync compatible with a downloadable plugin.. The N95 is not only 3G but also 3.5G, which means much faster internet navigation. However, it does not have a keyboard and it does not have the Apple logo <br><br>As for a 'hacked' version, the GSM family phones are not locked to anything.. Just buy it and use your own GSM SIM chip.. But do you really want these features through an EDGE GPRS connection? I doubt it.. I'll wait for the next generation.<br><br>...<br>** DigitalEye **