3G iPod dock vs. 5G iPod dock

Posted by: Trog

3G iPod dock vs. 5G iPod dock - 04/20/06 08:01 PM

When I bought my 3rd generation iPod with a dock one of the nicest things about the dock is that when you plug a mini-cable into the back of it (the other side into your home stereo) it acts as an amplifier. That is, adjusting the volume on the iPod wasn't necessary and it didn't affect the volume coming out of the speakers anyway.<br><br>Now I have a 5G video iPod with one of those "universal" docks that comes with an adapter to fit each of the new models. Now when I plug into the minijack of that dock it doesn't act as an amplifier? I have to turn the volume way up on the iPod and then turn it up on the stereo tuner as well to get the volume I want.<br><br>Is this dock defective, or did the docks lose that function when they went universal?<br><br>
Posted by: SgtBaxter

Re: 3G iPod dock vs. 5G iPod dock - 04/20/06 09:06 PM

It wasn't really an "amplifier", just a line level out. I wonder if the 5G ipods have a line out?<br><br>Did you try to stick your 3G ipod in this new dock and see what happens?<br><br>
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Re: 3G iPod dock vs. 5G iPod dock - 04/20/06 09:15 PM

No, the 3G is too fat. I'm not sure there is even an adapter for the "universal" dock for iPods that old.<br><br>I didn't know what to call it, but it sure is a PITA without it! I have to crank both the iPod volume and my home stereo volume to get it to appropriate levels. With the 3G the default volume was about the same as a CD player or the TV, etc.<br><br>
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Re: 3G iPod dock vs. 5G iPod dock - 05/26/06 02:47 PM

A company called SendStation makes a neat little adapter that plugs into the dock connector on the newer iPods. You can get it with either Firewire and Line Out or USB with Line Out. Caveat for the Gen5 with Video iPods - you cannot sync with Firewire - you need the USB version. I use the Line Out jack for my stereo and car adapter, and the sound is much better than using the headphone jack.<br><br>