iPod Documentary

Posted by: Anonymous

iPod Documentary - 05/18/05 03:52 PM

Hello fellow iPod owners. I am a documentary filmmaker from Toronto, Canada looking for characters to appear in a documentary about iPod fanatics. If you, a family member or a friend have an iPod and would be interested in appearing in this documentary, please contact me at ipoddocumentary@gmail.com. Thanks for your help.<br><br>
Posted by: Michael

Re: iPod Documentary - 05/19/05 04:32 AM

Try here<br><br>
Posted by: podtastic

Re: iPod Documentary - 10/24/05 06:21 PM

That is a darn cool idea, the documentary. Here in San Fransico everyone seems to have an iPOD, the trains are nothing but white earbuds during commuting hours. I think it would be interesting to look at how socially this is effecting people, a mass of people slightly disconnected to the real world around them, less conversation and all. This will be something that will only get worse as technology emmerges in to the our daily lives.<br><br>
Posted by: lanovami

Re: iPod Documentary - 10/25/05 12:37 AM

That is the reality in Japan today, with all the things cell phones can do these days. 1000s of people cramped together and off in their own worlds... I deliberately bought a cell phone that can only do calling and email just to keep myself from getting sucked in. Of course, I have my ancient, first generation iPod to keep me company. iPods are everywhere over here too. It feels so uncanny, just a few years ago I was tiring of explaining to people what an mp3 was.<br><br>We are what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle