Ipod photo slideshow question

Posted by: warpling

Ipod photo slideshow question - 04/27/05 12:49 AM

This will probably come off sounding really stupid, but I don't own an iPod photo and was wanting to ask someone who did. Would it be possible to set the slideshow rate so that the photos were displayed for say .1 seconds, and there was no transition, so that you could convert a movie into jpeg images, and play the slide show with the movie sound track (saved as a seperate file) so it would be like a movie, all the slides, really fast lingering time, and the movie soundtrack? heh? Is that remotely possible? Thanks for feedback.<br>~Ryan~<br><br>
Posted by: srumrill

Re: Ipod photo slideshow question - 04/27/05 04:43 PM

Well, I'm not sure about some of your question, but I do own an iPod photo and have used it on my TV often, so I'll answer what I can.<br><br>The fastest time per slide on a slideshow is 2 seconds. Other options are manual, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds<br><br>You can select no transitions (off). Other options are random, push across, push down, wipe across, wipe down, and wipe from center.<br><br>So, I guess you could do what you're asking, but you certainly couldn't do it with photo turnover as fast as you'd like. But at that point, why wouldn't you just hook the video camera up to the TV? Just seems like a lot of work to me (converting a movie to jpgs, and extracting the movie sountrack).<br><br>Hope this helps!<br><br>