Buying an iPod

Posted by: warpling

Buying an iPod - 01/12/05 03:58 PM

Maybe this is a dumb post, but I was waiting until MacWorld 2005 to buy and iPod because I thought they would get upgraded. Aparently I was wrong. Does anyone think it is worth waiting till WWDC to expect updated iPods? I would like to buy an iPod soon, but I have this feeling that something "new" is looming over me...<br><br>~Ryan~<br>PS. When is Nyko's movieplayer coming out?!<br><br>
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Re: Buying an iPod - 01/12/05 04:25 PM

I say buy one now. It's just like could keep waiting until the next one comes out and never get one. Or if you do, and one comes out, then you won't be satisfied because you have to have the latest and greatest.<br><br>Get one and be satisfied with it. Don't worry if/when an update is coming out.<br><br>
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Re: Buying an iPod - 01/13/05 12:04 AM

I agree - if there's a model that you like, buy it and who cares if it's updated the next month?<br><br>I'm thinking of an iPod shuffle, myself.<br><br><br>
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Re: Buying an iPod - 01/13/05 06:04 AM

I fear your question is purely speculative. The rumor site guys will give you a lot more differing opinions. :)<br><br>Apple just did the U2 pod not that long ago (MW 2004?) They got heavily involved in the mini. They've recently come out with the new picture model.<br><br>The "wheel" on the 4th generation (today's) is fantastic. The controls on the 3rd generation annoyed some people but not most. One of the various iPod forms also has a lot of rumors to read.<br><br>Second guessing Apple has been a fifteen year experience for me and my batting average is close to zero. The only real "best gesses" are that "something" new will com out of MW San Franciso. Apple, however, has cleverly tried to get everyone off track by introdcing items, including the original iPod.<br><br>(The thought of bying an iPod on eBay scares me to death, new or used.)<br><br>It's all speculation. It's all gessing. It helps if you have some insider who leaks the info to you except that Apple is now suing that rumor site for millions.<br><br>And they missed the mini. Didn't know the actual contents of iWork, and are likely to pay dearly for their transgression. Apple Computer or Microsoft are the two corporations in this world I would never sue or want to be sued by.<br><br>I'm not sure if the good old boys at Apple don't get an attorney's opinion on every KB they publish. ;)<br><br>There's no "new" full sized iPod. Personaly I think the prices are good right now for the 20 and 40, the two most popular models. Want to save $100.00? Sign up for a membership at (not their usual freebie) if you're into audio books. As I recall all of Apple's "books" are obtained from Audible on some arrangment. At least everyone I've bought (15-20) start out with the same comment "from Audible."<br><br>They'[re also less expensive at Audible. Big urprise.<br><br>There's an old saying I strongly believe to be true but most people dislike or even hate: If you need a (fill in the space) today, buy it today. Recreational items are obviously different. How long can you go without a TV? etc.<br><br>You did the smartest thing possible: waiting until after this year's big snake oil show (great, wasn't it?!). wink Now you're guessing.<br><br>And you know what, I never was that fond of the first geneeration, but all three that followed were great little devices. Each one has gotten better, but we have a couple of second generation models that were good buys. My family uses the heck out of iPods, whether for the news (see Audible), a novel, or music. For some people they becme part of the standard wearing apparel.<br><br>Today's iPods are fantastic. Mine's 20GB (just made a "deal" in last week) 4th generation. I'm not sure what exactly what was wrong with the 3rd G, but, such is life when you''re buying recreational items.<br><br>I personally think the pods bigger than 20 I don['t need. I also happen to have an 80GB FW drive I haul around with my PowerMac so all the frills I don't need, but syncing with various things is neat. A friend has a 40. I asked him why. He wasnted more muswic on it. I asked him how long it would take to get 20GB on one that size. He didn't know. Not long. Depending on the drive speed of the Mac, the CPU etc. its like backing up 20GB and all depends on the source and target items. With firewire you obviously have an advantage.<br><br>I carry around about 10 GB on mine, rarely more. That's a lot of music. I either add more or remove some or all and move new to my iPod. Having a small hard drive in your Mac doesn't help. But if all that music isnt backed up because you buy a big pod to save space on your hard drive........then you have the same backup probllems.<br><br>The larger ones are "better buys" in terms of space but do you really need it? Mine goes to work when I go to bed at night. I don't enjoy fiddling around a lot. You grab the new playllists you want, etc. etc. then go do something else if making a big change. How long? 2 to 4 hours will fill most iiPods that have nothing on them. That's something rarely done in my observation by most people.<br><br>The Audible $100.00 off deal carries a commitment of a 12 month membershiip and 12 months of 2 books (?) included per month for about 15 or 20 bucks.<br><br>Don't like video books, run, don't walk, to your nearest Apple Store or get online with Apple and buy a 20 GB 4th Generation iPod. You'll love it (especially if you have better earphones; those buds drive me crazy). I noticed the last Apple Store I was in had nothing but Bose earphones for all their demoes.<br><br>They're nice too. $300.00. I wouldn''t run quite as fast to buy those. :)<br><br>Good luck with your decision. The Expo is over. if you want/need one. Buy it today. :)<br><br>"I was born not knowing and have only had a little time to change that here and there." Richard P. Feynman
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Re: Buying an iPod - 01/13/05 06:20 AM

Thank you very much for the nice response. All good points indeed. The only reason I considered the 40g was when the nyko movie player comes out I might need more room, but thats another story. Thank you again. I think I shall go buy myself an iPod, and yes I have the in-ear headphones.<br><br>~Ryan~<br><br>