Worklog #3 De-MacBook

Posted by: flippy10

Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 02/29/08 08:06 PM

Well, I got my MacBook in the mail today.
Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed. I just don't enjoy using it as much as my iBook.
But, as side from that performance wise.. Whew. This thing flies with less than half the RAM of my iBook. The speakers aren't too bad either. Aren't drowned out too easily.

So as I discussed in the other thread...
This MacBook is getting some nice hopeful mods done.
I realize that backlighting the keyboard will not be possible, but underlighting it might be.
WIth correctly placed fiber optic strands I really think I can get light to shine up and out from under the key.
Complete dying of black/red was the original choice, but now I'm entertaining the idea of a new color scheme.
Upgrade HD, Superdrive and RAM to maximum.
Upgrade thermal paste to Artic Silver 5 to improve thermal dynamics a bit.
Wii-esque Superdrive mouth LEDs. laugh
I think it'll be a fun mod.

Update 3/24/08: Just an update to assure this isn't a dead project. I'm waiting for the 500GB Notebook drives to come out in June to do the work to the MacBook. Main reason is that I know it's going to be a hassle to take it apart, and I'd rather do everything once than twice. The 2GB of RAM came a few days ago, and the machine's performance is wondrously faster. I've found this:
As an LED controller for my lighted Superdrive. I'm looking into the idea of adding SMT LEDs underneath the keyboard, but I won't know if thats a possibility until I tear this thing open.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 02/29/08 10:20 PM

If its a late Core Duo (or an early CD which has had a new logic board or heatsink) then it may be unwise to replace the thermal paste. These ones all have the paste applied by machine and without wishing to offend, I doubt many people could do a better job by hand. Replacement heatsinks come with two perfect flat squares of paste, ready applied.
I think the later ones were done by hand again though.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/01/08 09:56 AM

No offense taken. The thermal paste upgrade is just first instinct for me when I get a computer, usually factory paste is sloppily done or overused... (My iBook is an example of this.)

My MacBook is early CD, but since it's secondhand I have no way to check to see if it's updated until I crack it open. When I do so, I'll be forced to remove the logic board since I'll be dyeing it.

Is it possible to remove the logic with the heatsink still attached?
It's not something I really like to do too often because of the momentary stress it puts on the logic. But to maintain a better thermal connection... I just might.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/01/08 03:23 PM

I'm a little confusing. I are modding an MacBook as well as an iBook? The multiple worklogs kinda threw me for a loop.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/01/08 06:36 PM

I'm modding a MacBook, iBook and Mac Mini/PowerMac 8500. Each thread is for my work per mod project.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/02/08 04:13 PM

Unfortunatelt the four the screws securing the heatsink run through the board to the case. You'd have to find a way to clip it on. Maybe you should just do it yourself.
The iBook thermal contacts are normally pads, not paste. The early MBP was plastered in paste though. The CPU, GPU and northbridge all covered.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/02/08 05:43 PM

Arctic Silver 5 seconded.
If the current paste is not the little squares mechanically applied, or the pads, you'll find a sloppily applied white mess with too much used. These manufacturers forget, the sinks need just a thin layer to provide even contact of the heatsink with the CPU. Sometimes, in accomplishing this, less is more.
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Re: Worklog #3 De-MacBook - 03/03/08 04:35 PM

I realize that you're right about those pads. It was my 12' PBG4 with the sloppy huge clumps of thermal paste not the iBook. The logics are similar, and my memory is about as reliable as a hard drive underwater. Still though, Pads or Paste? I've always loved paste and according to things I've read paste creates a better connection. Less distance between components. Problem is, is that the pads also close that distance better i.e. if the heatsink is designed to sit higher in it's mounts.

Anyway, I've decided that the computer will be red and white. White Trackpad and keyboard. Red top case and bottom case, display bezel etc... The black is nice, but honestly, if I really wanted black I would've bought a black MacBook. I'd rather be the odd ball here. Besides, my iBook is black already smile
Ordered a 320GB HD and 2GB DDR2 for the DeBook. So now we wait.