Posted by: liv2rydmc

printer - 09/22/10 05:51 PM

Anyone know where I can get a good printer that works with OS 9?
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: printer - 09/22/10 06:40 PM

I have an Epson 1200 in the closet, but I'm not sure you can get ink for it anymore. I would think that any USB printer would work if you can get legacy drivers for it. That's if you have a machine (computer) with USB ports.
Posted by: Tronson

Re: printer - 02/18/11 09:45 AM

my printer said that the ink was low so i changed the ink cartridges, but its still registering that they are empty and therefore i can not print anything what do i need to do ???

Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: printer - 02/18/11 03:13 PM

The ink carts have a chip, as does the printer. Yours needs to be reset. How you do that depends on the brand of printer.