FS: 933 G4 CPU

Posted by: GuitarMknDude

FS: 933 G4 CPU - 09/06/08 01:11 AM

This is a working pull from a 2002 QS Im taking $75 O.B.O and that price is including shipping. Nothing is wrong with it I just have one of my old upgrade CPUs from my much older sawtooth in it. PM me if your interested.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: FS: 933 G4 CPU - 09/06/08 12:41 PM

Its always good to keep the original CPU after you add an upgrade. What are you going to do if the upgrade cpu dies one day?
Posted by: GuitarMknDude

Re: FS: 933 G4 CPU - 09/07/08 06:47 PM

I am going to be buying a dual CPU for it soon so I guess the upgrade will be the back-up.