B&W G3 with upgrades for sale

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B&W G3 with upgrades for sale - 06/12/08 10:08 PM

I am selling for a friend a G3 with the below items installed:

Sonnet G4 1ghz upgrade (one with dual fans)
SeriTek 2port SATA drive with 1 80GB Barricuda drive
16MB ATI stock card
SCSI controller with 6GB drive
internal 10GB ATA drive

It was originally a G3 300mhz.

Any takers? Any suggestions?
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Re: B&W G3 with upgrades for sale - 07/04/08 06:25 PM

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Re: B&W G3 with upgrades for sale - 07/05/08 02:06 PM

What are you asking?
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One Engine Left - 09/20/08 09:01 PM

bump and lurk

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