Hot Red iBook G4

Posted by: Antonio

Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/12/07 11:37 PM

Up for sale-

A hot red iBook G4.
This is a dye job -that means no paint. The polycarbonate casing is, itself, red.
The frame and casing are also reinforced, making the unit more durable.
If you were at MacWorld Expo last year, you may have seen it at the MacMod booth.

Specs are as follows:

1.2Ghz G4 (PowerPC 7447) with 512kb of L2 cache
768mb of DDR RAM, expandable to 1.25Gb
80 GB Seagate Momentus hard drive, 5400rpm with a 8mb buffer (aftermarket... Seagate is THE only Enterprise-quality hard drive!)
CDRW/DVD combo drive, slot loading
ATI Radeon 9200 GPU with 32mb of DDR VRAM
THREE very healthy batteries!

It will probably need a new AC adapter, though the current one will work well enough to charge the batteries (and they will charge while you work), and you are getting THREE properly working batteries in this deal, for a total of 10+ hours of battery life with normal use. Two of the batteries hold 3.5-4 hours of charge, the third between 2.5 and 3 hours.

This system is owned and has been in use by a web developer and network administrator, so it's been well cared for (and then some).
I'm only selling this as I needed to move to Intel-based Apple hardware for development reasons.

That said, I support what I sell, so if you have any issues, contact me for tech support.

$550 plus shipping -drop me a zip for a shipping quote

Posted by: qwertyuiop

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/13/07 08:04 PM

That is one tight ibook... If only I had $550... how did you reinforce the frame and caseing?
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/14/07 12:27 AM

I placed some rubber strips, cut into individual squares , along the inside of the bottom casing, placed in such a way that wouldn't affect the machine's cooling. A very simple modification, but it works wonders for stiffening the entire lower half when put back together.

Flex is generally what causes the PMU chip to come loose from its connections on the underside of the logic board, leading to a failure to wake from sleep -same thing causes the GPU to come loose on the latter G3s and a few of the G4s. After resoldering the chip myself on my unit, I decided to sit down and think of a way to prevent it from happening again, and this worked. So long as nothing can move around, nothing breaks.
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/14/07 05:14 PM

OK, this item has sold.
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/16/07 03:38 AM

I would have bought your laptop if it didn't suffer from jpeg compression loss.  I tend to prefer my mods at 100% image quality.

Posted by: modyourmac

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/18/07 11:12 PM

dood, you let it go for a song. Wen I sold my kandy orange iBook on ebay last year, I got about 8 for it smile

Regardless though, its a gorgeous mod.
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Hot Red iBook G4 - 10/19/07 05:18 AM

Really, I just wanted to recoup the expense of my MacBook...
Which, by the way, is a nice shade of dark blue-green, and will be a burnt umber leaning toward a warm red when the second dye job is done.