Powermac G3 for trade

Posted by: Speedmike

Powermac G3 for trade - 10/09/07 11:22 PM

I won an auction on eBay for 2 Powermac G3s. I use the Rev B board one and the one up for trade is a Rev A. However it has a SCSI card in it so it fixes the hard drive problem. Anyways here are the specs:

Rev A mobo
PowerPC G3 350 MHZ
384 MB ram 2 x 128 + 2 x 64
8 mb ATI video card
Zip drive
Cosmetically: it has tape residue and scratches
Missing entire bottom tray for the hard drives (see pictures)

I'm too lazy to resize pictures so I'll post them this way.

I kinda want a Powerbook 150, but I am open to other things. Thanks for your time.
Posted by: Speedmike

Re: Powermac G3 for trade - 10/10/07 11:17 AM

I may even give it away, since I know they aren't worth much.
Posted by: qwertyuiop

Re: Powermac G3 for trade - 10/10/07 08:13 PM

what os does it use?
Posted by: Speedmike

Re: Powermac G3 for trade - 10/10/07 10:22 PM

It doesn't have an OS. I am missing the tray that holds the hard drive, and I do not have a HDD to place in it. So, it is not completely ready to go. I did pop in the 9.2 install CD, just the test the computer, and the computer booted just fine. So, it doesn't have an OS because it doesn't have a hard drive.
Posted by: kickassimacg5

Re: Powermac G3 for trade - 12/19/07 01:06 AM

Do you still have it? I would buy the RAM, CPU, screws, video card, and SCSI card. I'm trying to increase the value of mine so I can trade mine for a laptop.