Older mac stuff for sale

Posted by: RedDrag0n

Older mac stuff for sale - 08/11/07 06:58 AM

I have fully functional powermacs for sale.

1 powermac 7100/66AV
1 powermac 7600/120
1 performa 6400/180

All work and i can put in parts to make them functional if they don't boot up.
The 7100 has the PDS videocard with svideo in and out.
The 7600 has the svideo and rca input with rca sound output. (am looking to replace it with an 8600)
The 6400 i was going to use it for my TV tuner, but don't have the money or the parts. The IR still works and it has been modded to hold 2 CD Roms.

Asking little for these machines. The only thing that might cost would be shipping.
Am asking $30 for the 7100, $30 for the 6400 and $40 for the 7600.

Serious offers only. Either PM me or email me