i need...

Posted by: hugoferrinho

i need... - 05/07/07 11:10 PM

i need someone who can sell me a graphic card for my sawtooth..
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: i need... - 05/08/07 01:37 AM

I got a ATI 7000 with 64MB Vram i'll sell ya for 20 bucks plus shipping.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: i need... - 05/08/07 06:42 PM

Not many graphics cards tend to come my way. I think they have been quite reliable up to now. Thought I had my mitts on a cheap 6800 Ultra today. Apple provide parts to service providers at two prices sometimes: Exchange and stock. Exchange means you have a dead one to trade in, stock means you need one 'off the shelf' as it were. I had a filthy 6800 card causing issues with other fans, and the GPU was running up to 92C without actually doing anything except displaying the desktop. I figured I could clean it up and probably get it working and snip the pins off to fit it in my MDD G4 might not even have casued an issue in a G4, it was working fine except the speaker fan was working overdrive. I was going to pay the difference between exchange price and stock, and keep the 'dead' one since reconditioning graphics cards is not something we do. Sadly it turned out to be under Applecare, so I cleaned out the fan and now its fine anyway. So near and yet so far.......
Posted by: echebon

Re: i need... - 05/08/07 10:51 PM

What card are you looking for?
Posted by: hugoferrinho

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 12:44 AM

Any card that works on a Sawtooth AGP...the most powerfull you have to offer
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 01:18 AM

$20 for the 64 is good, its 4x as powerful as the stock card was.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 02:25 AM

Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 03:41 AM

Unless I am mistaken that ebay card has ADC and may not work in the Sawtooth.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 04:15 AM

I think you may be right..  didn't catch that it had ADC.
Posted by: GuitarMknDude

Re: i need... - 05/15/07 06:43 AM

Cards with ADC do work in the sawtooth, you just don't get power from it but if you use a dvi adapter or a VGA adapter you will get full use of the port well as DVI or VGA I had a Radeon 9000 mac addition in my sawtooth with that set up for a long time until I flashed a PC nvidia 5000 for it. the one I know that doesn't though is the geforce 4 Ti mac addition its 4X only.