Dodge/Chrysler Stereo system for sell.

Posted by: TCPMeta

Dodge/Chrysler Stereo system for sell. - 03/04/07 05:39 AM

Since I have installed a computer into my car and tryed so hard to make it that if I was to sell the car I could just toss back in the old stereo but after having to rewire all of the speakers I can't do it. So now I have here my old Stereo system for sale.

This stereo setup can work in most Dodge/Chrysler and JEEP vehicles. Heres the specs, at the moment I don't know the model numbers.

AMP: Infinity 100watt 4 channel amp.
Deck: Infinity AM/FM, Tape and AUX
CD Changer: Infinity 4 disc CD-changer (connects to main deck)

All three items are for $200.00. If you only need one or two of the items just send me a message and we can come up with a deal.

Just so you know 200 bucks is a deal, I've seen a lot of people pay more for OEM used audio parts.