WTB: Pismo &/or Parts

Posted by: shadowboxer47

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 06/13/06 04:53 PM

Well, I was hoping to get a cache of free Pismo stuff, but I guess my luck lasts so long wink

So, I'm going to start offering money. Do you have a dead Pismo? Do you have one you don't want? Do you have parts? I just may buy it. PM me.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 06/13/06 06:07 PM

I have some case parts, two keyboards, and battery charge boards and AC/sound boards. The logic boards I have do not recognise their ATA busses. You can make me an offer if you like, though I'm not desperate to sell them and they'll need shipping from the UK.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 06/14/06 03:15 AM

Hey, no problem! Don't take offense, i'm just still browsing around. I appreciate it!
Posted by: modyourmac

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 06/14/06 02:59 PM

Absolutely none taken. smile Just wanted to make sure you knew I wasnt stiffing you, and that I do feel bad about not getting it in the post to you sooner smile
Posted by: shadowboxer47

WTB: Pismo Parts - 07/07/06 09:59 PM

Thanks to modyourmac, I have a big chunk of a Pismo. It just needs a few more things to make it complete. This project has ceased from being a modding adventure (for now), and simply as a means for my 8-month-pregnant wife to be able to surf the net on the couch without having to get up. I'm looking for the following parts:

A compatible HD
A battery (even a dead one for now, if that's all I can have)
Optical drive
Airport card or equivalent
Power cord

PM me if you have any of these parts.

Posted by: anil8tor

A common need - 07/10/06 01:32 AM

Well I was just going to post a thred just like this one, but it seems Shadowboxer47 was here first.
Any how I need a battery and an optical drive, sled and all. A DVD rom would be great, but a cd/rom or rw will work.
So if Shadow doesn't need it and you have one or the other, PM or email me. I'll beg, borrow or buy it off of you.
Posted by: macDeviant

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 07/10/06 03:39 AM

boy i wish i had caught this earlier. my dad has a pismo in cherry condition he is trying to sell.

Posted by: modyourmac

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 07/10/06 04:50 AM

I'm still hunting for a power supply, but I found an optical drive. I may have two dead-ish batteries too. I'm gonna keep looking for that power supply. w00t!
Posted by: anil8tor

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 07/15/06 10:56 AM

Ok, I am down to the following parts I need:

PRAM battery or pin-out
maine battery live or dead
Posted by: shadowboxer47

WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 07/15/06 12:24 PM

Well done David!

After stripping everything again, I have a few additions to my list:

1. EMI shield mounting screws
2. Airport card
3. PRAM bat
4. Heat exchange screws
5. Thermal paste
6. RAM
7. HD
8. Foot pads
9. Bluetooth

Posted by: NHMacuser

Re: WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 08/08/06 05:49 PM

I've got a pismo I tried to repair but failed to do so. I'd be willing to sell you some parts from it.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re: WTB: Pismo &/or Parts - 08/08/06 06:03 PM

I'm certainly interested. You can contact me via AIM at "shadowboxer47". You can also e-mail me at " jhead [at] macmod.com"