Free Multimeter

Posted by: whitlock

Free Multimeter - 04/16/06 10:57 PM

Hey Everyone,

Remember that Bosch bit deal I posted a while back? Well I found this one for a free multimeter and a good modder should have one laying around. Hopefully they don't yank this deal anytime soon, though it looks legit.

If you do go through with this, and you get it, throw a post up!

Posted by: oojacoboo

Free Multimeter - 04/17/06 01:43 AM

yea, never got that drill bit.... frown
Posted by: whitlock

Free Multimeter - 04/17/06 02:13 AM

Well that sucks! I would have figured Bosch would have followed through. Meh, well hopefully whoever signs up for this gets a multimeter.
Posted by: iProd

Free Multimeter - 04/17/06 07:07 AM

I never got the bit either smirk I'd rather have this, though laugh
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Free Multimeter - 04/17/06 04:06 PM

Yeah, no drill bit for me either. But I have been receiving a large amount of unsolicited pr0n lately.

My wife is not happy.

I've never heard of the Blonde Busty Boches™
Posted by: whitlock

Free Multimeter - 04/18/06 02:55 AM

bwuahahaha...all I can say is "throw away e-mail address", plus who complains about free pr0n?