WTB: 560W \"Mach V\" PS from 8600/9600

Posted by: shadowboxer47

WTB: 560W \"Mach V\" PS from 8600/9600 - 12/13/05 03:46 PM

You would think it wouldn't be too hard to find one of these on eBay, but apparently it is.

I need a 560 Watt Power Supply that came with the "Mach V" version of the 9600 and 8600 "Old World" Power Macintosh PCI. These specifically came with the 9600/300, 9600/350, 8600/250 and 8600/300. The previous versions had a 390W that I already have.

Edit: Not ALL of the "Mach V" came with the upgraded PS, but quite a few did.

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